Pregnancy is a special time but it is a massive undertaking for muscles and skin. Our treatments will help ease aches and pains and help repair stretched skin. 

Passenger On Board Body Scrub

Duration:60 minutes Cost: £50

Pregnancy is a special time but is a massive undertaking for muscles and skin.  Our specialist treatment using sweet mandarin, neroli and olive stone scrub will help to ease water retention, increase circulation and soothe irritation.  Finishing with a soothing application of moisturiser to help repair stretched skin.

Bloomin Facial

Duration: 60 minutes Cost: £65

Take care of your skins needs during pregnancy.  This repairing and restorative facial, focusses on massage which stimulates the blood flow to leave the skin looking and feeling radiant.  Includes a foot focus reliever, which helps circulation and leaves feet feeling nourished, soft and smooth.

Nurture Pregnancy

Duration:2 hrs 10 minutes Cost: £100

Our fully trained therapists will take away those aches and pains to help relieve and soothe tired muscles making your feel revived again.  You will be left feeling completely rejuvenated from head to toe.

* Bumps a Daisy Massage
*Deluxe Pedicure

Bumps a Daisy Massage

Duration:70 minutes Cost: £65

Our massage oil with neroli and sweet mandarin works gently to soothe and relieve itching and effectively restore moisture tot he skin.  An invigorating foot soak and exfoliation is followed by a full body massage to relive physical discomforts and promote relaxation resulting in a more restful nights sleep.


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